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Chint signs framework agreement to build solar factory in Brazil
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The Chinese solar module manufacturer Chint has signed a framework agreement with the government of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte to build a PV panel factory in the region.
The agreement was signed by Chint president Zhu Xinmin and the State Governor Robinson Faria on the occasion of an official visit of Faria to Shanghai, as explains the regional government in a press release.
“This strategic and technological cooperation agreement with Chint will create new jobs and income in our region and will attract new investments,” said Faria, who toured Chint’s facilities during his visit to Shanghai.
With the new factory in Rio Grande do Norte, stressed the government in its press release, Chint will improve its market position in South America, Central America and Africa.
In Brazil, the financing for solar plants is often granted to projects that meet local content requirements.
Currently the largest module factory in Brazil is a 400 MW manufacturing facility of Chinese-Canadian solar producer Canadian Solar. Production at the factory was started at the end of 2016.

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