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NEXTracker wins supply deal for 191MW Brazil project
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US manufacturer NEXTracker has won the contract to supply tracking for the 191.5MW Pirapora project in Brazil.

The power plant is being developed by EDF Energies Nouvelles. Flextronics, the owner of NEXTracker, is also producing the modules for the projects via an agreement with Canadian Solar. Both the modules and trackers will be produced at Flextronics’ Brazilian manufacturing facilities.

Biosar, part of the Aktor Construction Group, will take on EPC duties for the project.

“NEXTracker is thrilled to be working with Biosar, an international contractor that’s installed a gigawatt of projects worldwide,” said Dan Shugar, CEO, NEXTracker. “Thanks to Flex’s Brazil-based manufacturing and operational presence, NEXTracker is well-positioned to meet the growing high-volume demand for our single-axis trackers. We’re seeing that project financing in Brazil is working and truly supporting the growth of the renewable energy industry,” he added.

Flex’s factory in Sao Paulo will provide its NX Horizon trackers that are compliant with the Brazilian development bank’s rules on local content requirements.

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